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AT West




Alexander Technique?

AT is a mind-body study which facilitates the release of negative habitual patterns through conscious choice, resulting in a decrease in overall muscular tension, increased balance and coordination, and clearer thinking.


For you?

About Alexander Technique West
AT West, LLC is a family, Alexander Technique and Self-Advocacy business.  Barbara Wegher-Thompson, MA, and Seth Wegher-Thompson, MS, met due to their common interests in Theater Arts and were married in 1987.  Shortly after the wedding, they moved from Southern California to Philadelphia, where, after attending the three-year residential teacher training program at the Alexander Foundation of Philadelphia they were both certified as Alexander Technique teachers in 1991 . They are also certified as AT teachers by Alexander Technique International (ATI).


Barbara and Seth returned to Southern California.  Barbara began teaching AT on the faculty of  California Lutheran University (CLU) Theater and Dance Department.  She has been teaching at CLU ever since.  Barbara holds a Master of Arts in Dance from UCLA. Seth obtained a Masters of Science in Counseling Psychology from CLU in 1995.  He is a retired CA State Department of Rehabilitation, Senior Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor.


Together, they share decades of knowledge and experience related to Alexander Technique, dance, voice, music, arts, education, sports, psychology, business, interviewing and employment skills, accessibility awareness and Self-Advocacy.


In 2018 the Wegher-Thompson's established AT West as a family business. Their daughter Theresa, a lifelong Alexander Technique student, assists as the AT West Social Media Coordinator.  

Alexander Technique is for everyone. With benefits such as reduced muscular tension, increased balance and coordination, reduced anxiety and clearer thinking, AT can be applied to any lifestyle, profession, or skill-set to help you live your best life.


We offer private instruction as well as small group lessons, hands on lectures, and immersive workshops.  Grants are available

Please give us a call or drop us a line in the Contact Section below.


Lesson Like?

Alexander lessons are typically about 60 minutes in duration. 

Lesson Pricing


Barbara website 2018.jpg
Barbara Wegher-Thompson, MA

A.T. Practitioner/Professor

Barbara received certification as an Alexander Technique teacher in 1991 from the Alexander Foundation in Philadelphia.  Since 1991, she has been a teaching member of Alexander Technique International (ATI) and has continuously taught Alexander Technique at California Lutheran University.  She holds an MA in Dance from UCLA.  During the past 30+ years at CLU, Barbara developed a Dance Minor program as well as teaching thousands of students Alexander Technique, Linklater Voice, Movement for Actors, Modern Dance, Choreography, and Exercise Science/Sports Medicine.

Seth WT Portrait 040716.jpg
Seth Wegher-Thompson, MS

A.T. Practitioner/Self-Advocacy Guide

         Seth received his certification as an Alexander Technique teacher from the Alexander Foundation in Philadelphia in 1991. He holds a MS in Counseling Psychology from California Lutheran University. Seth is a retired Senior Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor with the CA State Department of Rehabilitation. He served people with disabilities as they attained their career goals. He was awarded the 2016 Funding Partner of the Year, Awesome in Autism Award, by the Ventura County Autism Society. Seth co-teaches classes and workshops with Barbara as well as working with individuals identify and attain their self-advocacy goals.  He takes care of a lot of the "business stuff" at AT West.

Theresa Wegher-Thompson
As the daughter of Barbara and Seth, Theresa has been a lifelong AT student. In her professional work as a multidisciplinary artist and vocal coach, AT has greatly influenced and enriched Theresa's work.  Theresa is a graduate of Muhlenberg College where she completed a double major in Theatre and Dance with high honors. Theresa has also studied Physical Theatre internationally through the Accademia dell'Arte in Arezzo, Italy which included training in AT, Fitzmaurice Voicework, Commedia, and numerous movement methodologies. Theresa serves as AT West’s Administrative Coordinator. 

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Our Address:

Thousand Oaks, CA 

Please contact us for directions


(805) 241-8515

Thank you for reaching out to us! We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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